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8/22/10 - Darrell Osypowski (a.k.a. “Dee”) has just completed three new songs and is getting radio airplay on numerous stations in the area.

8/15/10 -
Ryan Jordan has written a new song with Paul Schluter called “Love Song” and is currently recording.

8/7/10 - Janesville band, Faultline and solo artist Justin Waite have both started new projects.

8/3/10 - Sexy Ester and the Pretty Mama Sisters have just finished a six song EP and are signing with a local independent record label.

7/2/10 - AudioOtic have started mixing their epic debut CD with Paul Schluter using our newest mixing software.

6/24/10 - Punch Goliath have completed two songs and are sending their song “USA” to the U.S. Army for consideration as promotional music.

6/16/10 - Rivalry is mixing their debut CD and is nearing completion.

6/10/10 - Muzzy Luctin has finished mixing their third full-length CD titled “Knocking Down Giants”.

5/27/10 - Pastor John Wells has just finished a fifteen song Gospel / Country CD which will be distributed to his entire parish.

4/10/10 - Sweet Oblivion is mixing their debut CD. Darren Soderholm plays bass on all of the songs and Paul Schluter adds additional guitar work.

2/10/10 -
Teenage virtuoso flamenco guitarists The Sweet Tooth are recording more material. They have just come back from playing at the NAMM show in Los Angeles.

1/9/10 -
Heather Jean Maywood has just recorded and mixed a new three song acoustic demo.

12/22/09 -
David Fleer from Glass Taxi has just completed a new song called “Walk In Coronado” with his side project, Whoopsie.

10/27/09 - Glass Taxi, a new band featuring former members of popular 80’s Madison band, The And have just finished recording and mixing their debut five song EP and are planning the release.

9/18/09 - Pine is mixing some new songs for an upcoming release.

9/17/09 - Johnny Sin is recording a new song.

7/30/09 - Ozz from WJJO is working on a song called “Lies” with his project SBC. They are filming video during the recording process and will debut the new song and video on the big screen at the annual WJJO Band Camp concert on August 9th.

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