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Working on a jingle with some Madison veterans this month including Jay Moran, Matt Ahrens (The And), Tony Cerniglia (Chaser, The Boys In White, Seventeen Rhinos) and Percussionist James “Pie” Cowan, who has toured with Garbage. Making great progress on the Dead End Moves EP. We’ll be doing a lot of final editing to the music and recording vocals soon. The Iron 59 mixes start this month too, its going to be a really great EP! The band Nikk will also be in again at the end of the month to continue working on their latest stuff.

In August we did a voiceover session for Trident Gum for a TV commercial. The entire session was done in Spanish via Skype to South America! We just got the final version. Check it out here.


Iron 59’s EP is coming along very nicely, sounding amazing so far. We’ll be tracking vocals with them this month and starting to mix in September. Go Play God is finishing up their new song “Meant To Be” and Autochaotic is finishing up the mixes for their three new songs. Megatone’s Dan Cochems will be doing the mastering for both projects. Dead End Moves continues to track and edit their new stuff. Just about finished tracking on the amazing Tom McCutchan album and will start mixing next month. We’ve had the privilege of having some excellent local studio musicians in to play on it including Westside Andy on harmonica, Al Falachi from Phat Phunction on sax and Joan Herzing from The Blue Olives on sax. Our own Gustavo Meneses played piano on two tracks also. Sweet Oblivion will be tracking and mixing this month. We’ll be doing more voice over work with the New York company and at the end of the month Ryan Jordan will be demoing a new song, co-written with Paul Schluter.

JULY 2013

Welcome to Gustavo Meneses our new intern! He’s a great guy and a nice addition to our studio.
Our very busy summer continues this month starting new projects with Seventy Minus One from northern Wisconsin cutting two songs for release next month. Welcome back to Katie Scullen (formerly of Rivalry) to record vocals for her new project. Also welcome back to Headlit Haze. Cranking out the music with Autochaotic, Tom McCutchan, Go Play God, Chase The Legend and Iron 59. Starting two new songs with Nikk (formerly The 608) at the end of the month. Also, more voiceover work.

JUNE 2013

We are now working with a voiceover company out of New York doing sessions over Skype. We’ll be recording demos with their local clients in the booth while the producer works with us online from New York. Gotta love the technology! Six Shots ‘Til Midnight from Iowa are starting a new recording. Autochaotic, another new client will be starting work on their three song EP. Continuing work on the Tom McCutchan album which is sounding amazing! Also in the studio this month are Dead End Moves, Bitter Cold, Good Morning V, Joey Bluel, Chase The Legend and Go Play God. Starting a new five song project with a band called Iron 59, which features Adam Manos formerly of Awesome Car Funmaker, at the end of the month.

MAY 2013

Starting the Dead End Moves EP this month. Tracking drums with Boris. Recording vocals with Joey Bluel and also tracking with Level Down, Tom McCutchan, Sullivan, Marietta, Jimmy Baldwin, Bitter Cold and Chase The Legend.

APRIL 2013

Recording Zach Brassington’s new band, Bitter Cold. The band features Zach on drums, Chris Fox on guitar, Mike Ash on bass and former Livid vocalist Mike Loomis. Meeting with Victor Calzoni about recording his band, Dead End Moves. Tracking songs for the Tom McCutchan album. Also working with a new band called Marietta on five songs. Drew Halverson is in tracking songs for his acoustic album. Jimmy Baldwin, Level Down and Sullivan are in tracking this month too.

MARCH 2013

Recording two songs with new clients Chase The Legend, a metal band with a female vocalist. Level Down is tracking guitar. Seven Signs and Sullivan are working on their projects also.


Cast in Fire and Elizabeth Wadium are doing mix touchups on their projects. My Eternal Stand is mixing their new music. Seven Signs continues mixing their album and Sullivan and Jimmy Baldwin are tracking. Lots of studio tours with new clients.


Seven Signs begins mixing their new album and Elizabeth Wadium is mixing her new song. Also doing sessions with: My Eternal Stand, Level Down, Jimmy Baldwin and Capital Skating School.


Wiscoholics are recording their new EP. Elizabeth Wadium is recording a new song, Paul Schluter is producing and playing bass on it. Also recording this month: Seven Signs, Sullivan, Level Down, Tod & Todd and Capital Skating School. Starting a new huge album project with new client Tom McCutchan to develop songs that he wrote many years ago. Zach Brassington will play drums on all of the songs and Paul Schluter will be producing and playing guitar, bass and some keyboards on the album. We’ll be recruiting a handful of local studio players on this project too.


My Eternal Stand is recording new music. Nick Bua is duplicating his new album at Megatone. Ryan Jordan is recording two Christmas songs. Sullivan, a studio project featuring Dan Cochems, Tanner Phillips and Paul Schluter, continue work on their epic song “Angels and Demons”.


The 608, Jimmy Baldwin and Cast In Fire are mixing their latest batch of songs with Producer / Engineer Paul Schluter. Good Morning V, a new band featuring Darren Soderholm, Paul Schluter and Mike Haefner from Muzzy Luctin - as well as new vocalist Tanner Phillips, are beginning to track a new four song EP. Seven Signs continues to work on their full length album.


In Dying Hours from Michigan has begun recording a new 4 song EP. Jimmy Baldwin continues work on his EP with his band Damage Control which includeds Megatone’s Zach Brassington on drums and Paul Schluter on guitar and bass. Don Bakken from Last Crack makes a guest appearance, playing guitar solos doing and backing vocals on a couple of songs also. Level Down has also started recording this month. Ryan Jordan will be doing a video shoot at the end of the month at Megatone.


Cast in Fire, Grand Theft Portal and Go Play God (featuring former members of the band Livid) have started new projects this month.

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